Voucher Program – a solution to panhandling

Grand Rapids is all too familiar with panhandling and lately it seems to be on the rise. It can be challenging to know the best way to help. Do you give them money? Offer to buy them a meal? Degage suggests an alternative way to help. Consider purchasing $2 vouchers from Degage and keeping them in your wallet.

To encourage dignity and responsibility, Degage charges a small fee for many of its meals and services. A $2 voucher can purchase a full meal, pay for storage in a locker for a week, fund a hair cut, buy a pair of warm socks, and much more. The staff in our Resource Office are also able to work with individuals to find solutions to other needs they may have.

“We feel the voucher system is a helpful way to meet the needs of those we serve while encouraging appropriate and responsible behavior”, said Marge Palmerlee, Executive Director of Degage Ministries. Please join us in our efforts. Contact kim@degageministries.org or (616) 454-1661 to purchase the vouchers. You may also purchase them on this page. Select “Purchase of $2 Vouchers” from the designation drop-down list and we’ll mail them to you.