Make a Contribution
Secure online donations can be made with your credit or debit card, or bank account number by clicking the button below.

Donations may also be mailed to 144 Division Ave S Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Dégagé is supported entirely through cash donations and gifts from individuals (48%), businesses (16%), foundations (22%) and churches (9%). We receive no federal funding and 100% of your donation stays in Grand Rapids. *Through paying a small fee for most services, our Patrons contribute approximately 5% of our support. The involvement of our patrons in this way instills the dignity and respect that are central to our service approach.

Online Giving Catalog

The items and programs listed online are provided to help our patrons meet immediate and long-term needs. These represent the many aspects of our ministry. Donations to Dégagé will be used where most needed. Click here to visit the online giving catalog.

Ways to Give

Honor A Loved One
Is there an individual living or deceased that has positively impacted your life? Consider a gift as a memorial or to honor a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion. These individuals will be honored in our next newsletter and a card will be sent to whomever you choose.

Employee Matching Gifts
Many companies in West Michigan allow employees and retirees to double their gifts to a nonprofit organization by matching their gift from corporate funds. Check with your human resource department to see if your company will match your Dégagé donation. Click here for a list of local companies who have employee match programs.

If you are a current volunteer, click here for a list of companies who may donate to organizations where their employees volunteer.

Leave a Legacy
Consider Dégagé when making your long-term financial plans, and visit with your financial planner and/or attorney to finalize your decisions. Giving options are available through the following means.

  • Wills
  • Giving fund
  • Stock donation
  • IRA rollover and distribution
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Gift annuity
  • Life insurance proceeds
  • Non-liquid assets
  • Real estate
  • Sub Chapter S Corp Stock
  • Assist us in the creation of an endowment fund.

Contact Marge at (616) 454-1661 ext. 11 for more information. We would love to talk to you about leaving a lasting legacy to our ministry and the lives of our patrons.

Organize a Product Drive
Dégagé relies upon donations from the community to operate many of our programs. Consider asking your co-workers, church group, family and friends to collect items from our Wish List. Through donations, we are able to provide low-cost services to our patrons.

Each gift made to Dégagé has the potential to meet both immediate needs and contribute to the overall well-being of our patrons.  For someone who seeks our services for a specific need such as identification, a shower, a meal or overnight shelter, we hope that patron will then learn more about Dégagé and receive further services that may enhance his/her life for the long-term.  For example:

$10 can secure a State of Michigan I.D. for a man or woman who does not have this documentation.  Obtaining legal identification is a necessary milestone in an individual's pursuit to become self-supporting. A State of Michigan I.D. is a must in order to secure permanent housing, find sustainable employment, cash a check, or receive benefits of any kind.

$15 can provide a 10-ride bus ticket on Grand Rapids public transportation.  For those without a car, public transportation is a welcome (and safe) alternative to walking or hitching a ride for necessary medical appointments, job interviews, or housing related trips.  

$50 can cover the cost of our shower and laundry facilities for a week.  Approximately 120 loads of laundry are done a Dégagé weekly.  About 200 showers are taken at our facility Monday through Saturday.  Dégagé is the only place in the neighborhood where private showers are offered.  Soap, shampoo and a towel are provided at no charge.

$100 can mean safe shelter for a woman in our Open Door Women's Center for over 3 nights.  The Open Door provides services for female residents of Kent County who are eighteen years of age and older and in need of shelter and case management assistance.  For some women, a 3 night stay is what is necessary in an emergency situation.  For other women who may suffer from chronic homelessness, the Open Door is a safe place to stay while working on goals related to permanent housing, employment, and/or family reconciliation.

$200 can give our patrons basic health necessities and contribute to preventative care and greater self-esteem.  Over 55 personal care bags are distributed each week with items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and lotion.  

$250 can allow for up to 5 move-in baskets to be assembled and distributed to Dégagé patrons who are moving into their own permanent housing.  The baskets generally include bedding, toiletries, and cleaning products.  The laundry baskets the items come in are also part of this gift, which serves to alleviate some daily costs in the early days of the new housing process. 

$300 - $500 can be an investment made by a volunteer group that chooses to provide a meal in our dining room, and volunteer to serve at the same time.  The cost of a meal depends on what the group chooses to serve.  Over 55,000 meals were served at Dégagé last year.

Larger gifts to our ministry serve to multiply impact in the areas listed, and many more.  If you are interested in making a gift of $500 or more and desire to know more about the impact of your investment, please contact Development Director Joy Petroelje to discuss our Current Needs or upcoming Sponsorship Opportunities.  You can reach Joy at 616-454-1661 ext. 213 or